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Quality Assurance

tampon Lab-Service is fully involved in Quality System Management. The company is committed to maintaining a high level of quality and constantly seeks means for improvement.
We are therefore able to guarantee our customers a total quality management system.

Lab-Service SA follows European GMP guidelines scrupulously and is:
- GMP (ANSM) approved (Click here to see our certificate)
- FDA approved (Click here to see our certificate)
- Japanese Authority approved (Click here to see our certificate)
- ISO 9001:2008 certified (Click here to see our certificate)
- Supervised by the French Veterinary Authority for Agri-Food (Click here to see our certificate)

The Quality Assurance department is in charge of:

- Quality documentation
- Batch release
- Batch release
- Qualification and validation
- Organisation of audits on behalf of customers, both internal and external (at suppliers’ sites)
- Staff training

QA released

For each product treated, a batch record is established. This batch record is first checked by Production and only then
released by Quality Assurance.
No product can leave the plant without Quality Assurance release (except if requested in writing by the customer).
Each pallet of released product is identified using specific labelling.

Audits and Inspections

Our company is regularly inspected by official authorities (FDA, AFSSAPS) and audited by our customers.
On average, two to three customer audits are carried out every month at our site.
For each inspection or audit, we draft and systematically send out an action plan.
These different actions are supervised during regular quality meetings between the process manager and the Management.

Qualified Suppliers

fournisseursWe work with different suppliers (of drums, PE bags, maintenance of equipments, solvents …). The critical suppliers are chosen according to strict requirements, qualified and supervised  by the Quality Assurance department.
Regular audits are performed on our critical suppliers in order to check their compliance with GMP.
Every new critical supplier must be qualified and approved by Quality Assurance, which may then add them to the list of the approved suppliers.

Training and Habilitation


All personnel are trained and qualified. Quality Assurance is in charge of staff qualifications and keeps a record of each training programme in individual employee files.

- New employees are trained by a qualified person.
- All employees undergo frequent training (GMP training, new procedure, customer claims, etc.)

For Lab-Service, personnel training is essential to maintaining a high level of quality.

Practical Information
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