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Granulometric Analysis

analyse granulometrique

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Quality Control Laboratory

photo Our Quality control laboratory is composed of qualified staff and equipment.

The Laboratory is responsible for:
- particle size analysis, IPC (In Process Control)
- the control of analytical parameters and issue of the CoA (Certificate of Approval)
- the cleaning validation;
- the adjustment of micronisation parameters;
- the PSD method and process validation,
- the control of the air quality in the production room.

The Laboratory disposes of 4 granulometers:
- Coulter Beckman Multisizer III ® Counter;
- BECKMAN® Coulter LS230 laser granulometer:
- BECKMAN® Coulter LS100 Q laser granulometer: (dedicated to ß-lactamines)
- MALVERN® Mastersizer 2000 laser granulometer:
- HPLC for cleaning validation
- IR Spectrometer for the identification of raw materials and finished products

Laser Diffraction Principle

micronisation Laser granulometry, which makes it possible to determine the size of particles in suspension in a liquid or in air, is based on the principle of laser diffraction. This principle establishes that when a laser beam encounters a particle, we can observe fringes of diffraction.

According to Fraunhofer, the intensity of radiation and the angle of diffraction vary according to the size of particles: the smaller the particle, the greater the angle of diffraction.

Custom-designed Analysis


The Laboratory carries out PSD analyses on samples sent by customers, other than those in production.

Various levels of services are proposed to the customer for analysis (Simple, GMP, GMP +). Depending on his requirements, the customer chooses the level of service which is best adapted.

Lab-Service can, on the customer’s request, develop the PSD method best adapted to a particular product. A detailed development report is prepared and sent to the customer.

Lab- Service also proposes the validation of PSD methods and provides the customer with a protocol and a report.

Practical Information
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